MadMapper OSC API

MadMapper from the Geneva based firm GarageCUBE is a great piece of software to create stunning visual mappings and even LED & light shows. Together with the Modul8 it is…


The Parse Reflection Framework

At the moment I am working on a project where we use as our BaaS (Backend as a service). We’re developing a news app for our customer with an…


How to manipulate MIDI with CoreMidi and C#

In my free time I like to create visuals and present them at parties as a visualist (VJ). My favourit software is the Modul8 from GarageCUBE which is one of…


Update Project Server 2010 CustomFields over PSI

This is now the second part of my short tutorials how to interact with the Project Server 2010 over the PSI. Here is the link to the first part, if…


Simple SoundCloud Client with C#.Net

SoundCloud is a great platform to share and consume music from all around the world. There are also a lot of clients for every OS. But something I really miss,…


Run PowerShell Script on SharePoint Server

If you have a PowerShell script which should run on a SharePoint Server (Snap In: Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell), you have to run it with the credentials of a SP-Shell Admin. The error…


Read Project Server 2010 CustomFields over PSI

  I’m developing software for the MS Project Server 2010 for just a few days. But still after these few days I realized that Microsoft offers a very bad documentation…


WhatsApp auf Windows Phone 7

Im letzten Beitrag habe ich ja schon über WhatsApp berichtet, welches nun den Schritt auf das Microsoft OS, Windows Phone 7, geschafft hat. Wirklich sauber scheint es ja aber noch…


Reverse Engineering WhatsApp

Seit ungefähr einer Woche ist es nun auch für Windows Phone 7 Benutzer möglich, WhatsApp zu benutzen. Das Mango Update hat es ermöglicht die App auf das WP7 zu bringen….


Intellisense für Mono for Android GUI’s

Seit nun einem halben Jahr arbeite ich mit MonoForAndroid um Android Applikationen zu entwickeln. Seit der Beta Phase Anfangs Januar hat sich viel getan. Ich selbst finde aber immer noch,…